Toward Transplant: Self-Guided

You and your family can move at your own pace, accessing resources that will support you on your transplant journey and assist you in creating your marketing campaign to find a donor.

Off The List was founded on the belief that you and your family deserve support and access to tools that will enable you to “get off the list” and on to living your best life.  We believe on-demand resources should be easily accessible and available when you need them.

Start Your Self-Guided Journey Toward Transplant Here


Kidney Transplant 101 Guide


How To Find Your Living Kidney Donor: Your Step-by-Step Guide

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We look forward to hearing more about your kidney journey and sharing how we can support you on your road to transplantation.

While sitting at an event to learn more about how to find a donor for my husband, I felt like a big failure. I was and am my husband’s kidney champion. It was my job to find him a living donor and quick. At that meeting, all the raw emotions of despair that were deep inside bubbled to the top, I was on the ledge. Then, a woman named Darci walked across the room and with her infectious personality showed me kindness, validation, compassion, and gave me a plan to march forward in the quest of finding a donor. Throughout our entire kidney journey and beyond, she has cheered us forward and always in the right direction. Words of thanks would never be able to express my gratitude to this amazing woman.

Becky B., Kidney Donor Champion and wife of transplant recipient
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