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We offer many ways for you to get involved and give back to a cause that is close to your heart.

Transplant Pals

If you are a kidney transplant recipient, you have personal experience to help someone else. You can make sure no one walks the transplant journey alone!

Our Transplant Pals program is a 1:1 mentorship. We pair someone on the transplant list with someone like you—a kidney donor recipient who has been where they are and has successfully navigated the transplant process.

As a Transplant Pal, you will build a relationship, share your journey, and provide support that only a person who has gone through a transplant can give. You had the same questions, feelings, and worries they are dealing with. No one understands better than you!

Contact us to learn more about becoming a Transplant Pal.

Jenny was an altruistic living donor and did not know her recipient, Tom when she donated. After the transplant in 2010, Jenny and Tom met, and they have been friends ever since.

Transplant Circles

Connect, encourage, and support people going through the transplant process through small groups.

Transplant Circles are support groups that connect people going through the kidney transplant journey. Transplant Circles give them a safe place to talk and share with others who understand what they are going through.

As a Transplant Circle volunteer, you will help facilitate a small group, build relationships, and encourage individuals on their journey to transplantation.

Contact us to learn more about volunteering in our Transplant Circles program.

Greg Brunner and Cindy
Cindy donated her kidney to her Uncle Greg in 2018. After her kidney donation, Cindy was blessed with a healthy pregnancy and two sons.

Transplanting Hope

Encourage and give hope to individuals through personal phone calls and cards.

Transplanting Hope gives people encouragement they need during the transplant process.

Transplanting Hope volunteers understand how hard the process is because they have been involved with it in some way. As a volunteer, your phone calls, cards, and weekly emails will give people the support they need along the way.

Contact us to learn more about how you can encourage others through our Transplanting Hope program.


Alan received the gift of life from his daughter, Alison, in 2018.

Transplant Education

Share your story, knowledge, and experience with others through our Transplant Education program.

Monthly Transplant Education Seminars provide practical support and training on:

Finding your Living Kidney Donor: Marketing 101

Being an Effective Kidney Donor Champion

The Importance of Self-Advocacy

Realities of the Transplant Journey

Make a difference by sharing your personal stories and experiences to help others on their transplant journey.

Contact us to learn more about being a part of our Transplant Education program.

Emily donated her kidney to her sister, Este, in 2017.
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