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Darci Gibson

Darci Gibson, Founder and President of Off the List™, has first-hand, personal experience with the kidney transplant process. Five years ago, her father, who was born with two undersized kidneys in kidney failure. At the age of 70, doctors advised him that a kidney transplant, specifically from a living donor, improved his chances of a better outcome.

Darci was considered as a living kidney donor for her father but after completing the testing, the Transplant Team determined that she was not qualified to be a donor.  Devastated she could not be her father’s donor, Darci was encouraged to help by serving as her dad’s Kidney Donor Champion.

Darci’s focus as her father’s Kidney Donor Champion was to be the primary communicator, advocate and central point of contact for disseminating information about living kidney donation.  Her goal was to familiarize and educate people on the broader need of the over 100,000 people in this county who are critically waiting for a kidney.  Through many different channels and mediums, she helped people learn more and understand what was involved in the donation process.  Fortunately, the campaign and efforts resulted in many individuals stepping up to be tested, identifying a donor for Darci’s father while also raising awareness about living kidney donation nationwide.  In addition, an individual who came forward for Darci’s father, anonymously donated to another individual on the transplant list.

Since her father’s transplant, Darci has walked through the transplant journey with other individuals on the transplant list.  Throughout her experience, she has learned that a significant gap exists between the level of support needed to successfully navigate the transplant process and most people’s knowledge and resources.  Her passion for helping others on the kidney transplant list, coupled with extensive experience in effectively building and leveraging networks, fueled her desire to establish a nonprofit focused specifically on meeting this unmet need and increasing kidney transplant rates.

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